Chris Barber

Location: Santa Monica, CA.






Particularly interested in 1) human well-being/happiness and tools to make happy people happier (community living?) and 2) the question of which problems are most important to work on, and how maximize impact.

I'm always excited to meet thoughtful, driven, curious and ethical people - if you know someone who fits this description, email me at (even if you don't know me, no problem), I'll be eternally grateful. Thanks.

My favorite way to be helpful to people is as a socratic question asker during tough inflection point decisions - e.g. between career paths, jobs. I also have strong opinions on the best things to do before you start a startup, assuming your goal is a really really large company or a really really impactful company. I'm happy to share if one of these is truly your goal.

For anyone, feel free to email if you have questions: Strong preference for short, easy to understand emails. Also strong preference for emails with specific questions vs phone calls. I'd rather get 3 separate short easy to understand emails than one long one that takes me a minute to figure out what I'm being asked.

Hugely grateful to John Lilly.

Hugely grateful to Matt Mochary.

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